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April showers bring May flowers

And if all the showers turned to flowers on that rainy April day,


A white pelt covers her flesh, pure and unmarked. Her eyes, much like her fatherís, are a beautiful amber. A black ring surrounds the outside of the iris and black flecks mar the honey haze. She is larger in stature than her sister, taking again after her father, but is swift and has delicate features like her mother.

Her personality will develop more over time but from birth she was curious, brave, optimistic, polite, graceful, and a true romantic at heart just like her parents. She is an adventurer. After being separated from the other half of her family and growing with only the company of her mother she has a strong desire for the togetherness she never felt and the large family she never had.

Braeden was taken from the lands that were once Spring Grounds before she really even knew what her future held. She was a princess, like her only full blood sibling, a sister named Sabelle.

Prior to Braeden's birth her mother, a small and timid wolf named Cordelia, had taken the throne beside her beloved Pierce. As time went on and her childlike naivety began to fade away she realized she was never meant to be a queen and she slowly lost her positive outlook and bravery. After the birth of her daughters, during the continued chaos that comes with a change of leadership, Cordelia made the impossible choice to leave and raise her children in the environment she had been raised; calm, close-knit, in-tune with nature. She wanted to stay with Pierce, but the demons of her mind told her she could not. She wanted to beg him to come with her, but deep down she knew he was in his rightful place as Alpha. The pack needed Pierce, but to them she was replaceable. Though she couldn't take both girls. Pierce wanted pups so bad, taking them both would kill him, more so than her own departure. So, with an impossibly heavy heart full of regret and doubt, Cordelia took the larger white female, Braeden, and stole away with the small bundle of fur. Her only reminder of the only lover she would ever take. Sabelle looked more like her, leaving Pierce with a piece of her to remember fondly... should he even find any fondness left in his heart for her after her unintentional betrayal.

Braeden was too young to remember, but as she grew older she had questions. Cordelia did her best to raise an independent and intelligent daughter on her own, and when she was old enough to know, she answered them. Braeden wasn't thrilled, but she wasn't heart broken either. She was simply surprised... and curious. Cordelia never joined another pack or took another mate, she was happy to stay put and stay simple, but Braeden developed a strong wanderlust. Cordelia eventually told her the way back to Spring Grounds, and encouraged her to make the journey, as long as she promised to return someday. Perhaps she'd find her long-lost family and the answers to the questions that Cordelia couldn't answer.

Braeden now treks through Blossom Forest wishing to reconnect with her sister or father, hoping they'll take her in with open arms and warm hearts.

Arctic x Timber wolf

Daughter of Pierce and Cordelia, sister of Sabelle, forgotten ex-princess of what was once Spring Grounds.

OOC: Morgin

Talk like this.

would all the flowers turn to showers in the sunny month of May?

❀ Braeden ❀ Femme ❀ --- ❀ Forgotten Princess of Spring Grounds ❀
❀ Pierce x Cordelia ❀ Sister to Sabelle ❀

Puppet of Morgin

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