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Bellatrix has a pearly white coat mottled by tan patches, most noticeably around her face, neck, and shoulders. Her left eye is violet, and her right eye is divided vertically into violet and fiery ginger hues. Her coat is rather rough, which gives her a certain edge upon first glance. Though slim, her body is well muscled, and you can tell even from a distance that she has been well trained for war.

Bella's personality can be summed up rather quickly; I say 'jump,' you ask 'how high?'
For quite a while she was the trusted commander of Lucifer's great army, and she sure as hell didn't gain her position for nothing. This clever lady could sell ice to an Eskimo if need be. She could rally any brigade of soldiers to willingly walk to their deaths with pride and charisma.
Bellatrix tolerates her job because she is damn good at it, and truly she feels she has no other choice, but some times wonders what her life would have been like had things been different.
When placed in charge she does hold a certain fondness for her soldiers, though she may never show it. She appreciates their dedication and comradery. Even during battle she always keeps an eye out for her loyal followers. No man left behind. Bellatrix handles her duties with a certain finesse that can only come from years of experience. She works well under pressure and loves being in the heat of the moment. She bases relationships on the premise of trust and loyalty. She'd take a shared secret to the grave and she's take her own life before throwing an ally under the bus, hence why she is so respected by those around her.
Though she may appear to be a grump all the time... well, she is, but you would be too if you had to endure what she did on a daily basis. All her years of daily training exercises and harsh battles, only to be told to do better next time, have hardened her irreparably. Her trainers and elders have instilled a darkness within her with what they called 'character building.' A darkness that makes her a great leader, sure, but also a mindless warrior. Not mindless in the sense of stupidity, no. She's sharp as a tack and always ten steps ahead. More so in the way that she sees everything as a fight. There is no other solution. She had been blinded by her need to win. By her drive to be perfect. They created a monster, and she hates them for it. She hates herself for it. Bella is now a bit psychotic when given time to let her mind wander, and thus keeping herself busy with work is her only escape. It's a vicious cycle considering her 'work' is war and war is when the monster is more likely to be on display. Because of this she is constantly battling with herself. More often than not she can be found glaring and barking orders at someone to silence the voices in her head, but when she's not snapping at her underlings she's moping about like the little, under-appreciated, mentally unstable, tyrant general that she is. She's a little bitter over her past and has reserved the right to be a walking, talking, furry ticking-time-bomb.

Bellatrix was raised and trained with Lucifer from a young age, and she was one hell of a pup. She was a brilliant student but a basket case when left to her own devices. Her relationship with Lucifer was built on mutual admiration and respect as they grew. However, he left their home before much of anything else could develop between them. Their friendship never had time to truly blossom. Once he was gone Bella dove into her training head first. They relied more heavily upon her in Lucifer's absence, and she found that her best was never good enough. Her parents were the only ones to encourage her abilities, they said she was born for something special indeed. Resentment festered within her for her homeland. When word came that Lucifer had acquired a territory and was calling on his soldiers to return to his side, Bellatrix eagerly fled her suffocating birthplace in hopes of the destined greatness her parents always spoke of. This was what she was always meant to do. This was what she had been trained for. What she sacrificed her childhood for. Rekindling her friendships with her childhood acquaintances was only an added perk. The childhood gang regrouped for quite a while and raised hell around Blossom Forest. It was nearly everything she always wanted, but alas, eventually they disbanded after constant uncertainty over rank and relationships. Much too complicated and much too unnecessary. Bellatrix hated the menial drama and was one of the first to leave behind the group of petulant whelps in search of a new leader and even greater army to fall at her paws.


{ you're brain sick just like me }

+ Femme Fatale + Adult + Tortured by None + Chained to None +
Ex-Commander of Lucifer's Army


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