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Love Will Have Its Sacrifices

The Hearts Keep Breaking

I was born Mircalla, but now they call me Carmilla. Those closest to my heart call me Carm.
{her 'adoptive' mother changed her name in hopes of her not being recognized later in life}

I am a young lady - and asking for more is very impolite of you.
{she is old enough to have left her pack but still has a strong, if not toxic, connection to her 'adoptive' mother.}

Use your eyes fool, my coat is dark and inky and my eyes are vermilion in color.
{her fur is luxurious and silky, and her lithe body is built for the speed and accuracy needed to strike down her targets}

Carmilla is, in a word, bitter. She is frank and will not sugar coat the truth or censor her thoughts. She tends to take things very literally and has a dry sense of humor. Her voice is sharp and biting, and more often than not she is sarcastic, stubborn and rude. Still, she has a certain undeniable charisma that draws others to her. Be it for her intelligence, her old-fashioned mannerisms or the eloquent way in which she speaks - you would have a hard time telling her no. And she has not qualms about using that to her advantage. If there's one good thing going for her though, it's her sheer determination and innate ability to lead - even if she hates to. Once Carmilla is dedicated to a cause, she'd die for it. And the same goes for someone she cares about. If you manage to worm your way under her skin, past all the carefully constructed defenses, she's the warmest creature you'll ever have the pleasure of knowing.

Carmilla had been raised by her 'adoptive' mother to be not only a killer, but also her heir. Her birth parents, who named her Mircalla, were killed by her current pack and she was taken in by their leader to be raised as one of her own. It turns out that her new mother was barren and therefor had to steal pups to bring up, disguised as her own progeny. She watched other packs carefully and stole from pairs that showed great promise of providing strong, healthy pups. She has a few 'siblings' but none of them share much of a familial bond. Her new mother renamed her Carmilla, an anagram of her given name, but she isn't entirely aware of the true details of what happened. She was taken too young to remember, and her new family fed her many lies. Despite their best efforts she has some muddled memories, but can't piece them together, thus making them infuriatingly useless and eventually leading Carm to feel indifferent. She threw herself into her mother's spotlight to keep her mind busy. Her new pack though, was not like any other. They were blood drinkers, some cannibals. She was raised under these principals to be a vampire - in a sense. She lures in her victims with ease and sometimes she kills, sometimes not. Depends on what her mother's orders are. Nowadays, as her mother's precious gem, she is being pressured into choosing a mate - since someday she'll have to take over her clan and carry on their traditions. That is why she has traveled to Blossom Forest. Her mother drove her out in an effort to force her into finding a suitable male, making her promise to return when she did. There's only one problem though - not including Carmilla's stand-offish personality and less than desirable eating habits...

Carmilla is very fond of, and only fond of, the fairer sex.

And her mother refuses to allow it. Carmilla had a romantic connection with a beautiful fae once, and when outed to her clan, her mother had the female killed as punishment. Carmilla began to resent her mother strongly and is secretly hoping to use this chance in Blossom Forest to flee her mother's grasp and change her fate.

Northwestern x Tundra wolf

OOC: Morgin

I'm considering asking to roll her for a chance to be an actual vampire, seeing as that's a thing now, but idk... I might keep her as a 'vampire' for a while without actually making her a vampire if ya know what I'm sayin c: I joined her as a vampiric wolf way back when they weren't even a thing and only a few of us had them, but now there are so many rules and regulations for legitimate vampirism and idk if I can keep up xD

And The Heads Just Roll

/ Carmilla / Young Lady / Mate / Offspring / Pack / Rank /


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