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Alesana <3

Hi there my dear old friend!

Before I jump into the reason I'm posting, I just want to apologize again for jumping ship a few years back :c I LOVED our plot and little family so so much but unfortunately I was just not in a good place mentally at the time.

BUT I'm in a better spot and trying to get back into RP here and I just rejoined a few characters, one of which being Braeden. *wink wink nudge nudge*

I don't know if you'd want to but I was thinking maybe she could meet up with Sabelle at some point! I've rejoined her/set her up to be a wanderer of Blossom Forest in search of a family she never knew (such drama very sad lol you can read about it in her join post if you want to!) so it would be interesting if she actually found Sabelle, but I didn't want to pressure you if you don't want to thread again so I left it at that.

Well, anyway, I miss ya tons and hope to hear from ya soon. <3

  • MORGIN <333 -

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