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Friday Nature Barrie Meeting

Friday, March 16 at 7:00 pm. Nature Barrie hosts an interesting meeting and talk on bird poop and pesticides.
You’ve got to figure that if we are using pesticides on insects and the birds then eat the insects…those same birds are going to build up on pesticides. This is very bad for our birds. Well, welcome to a chat on that. : )

For most people, bird droppings are little more than a messy nuisance. But there’s information in those droppings! Tehmeena Chaudry, a graduate student at York University, studies the most significant pesticide of the modern age, known in brief as “Neonics”. These chemicals remain widely used in North America and elsewhere, and there is great concern about the impacts they have on wildlife, despite the claims of the manufacturers.

Tehmeena’s focus is grassland birds, a group showing severe population declines. She has an interesting experimental design that involves dosing a sample of one species with neonics, studying their urine, and then using those results to assess the exposures of another species in a typical Ontario agricultural community. Her ultimate goal is to determine whether such contaminants may be a factor in grassland bird declines, and to see if bird droppings can be used effectively to assess pesticide loads in farming areas.

464 Ferndale Drive North, in Barrie. Doors open at 7.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have questions concerning any event, please check our webpage or call… Cay Mills, 705 739-1094 or visit

Non-members, families, students and people of all ages are most welcome. Please lug a mug so you can enjoy some hot beverage. Hope to see you there! : )

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