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Re(1): A Possible Alternative to the Australian Plan

Buy back? Thereíd be no buy-back. Itíd have to be confiscation. And only the guns of law abiding citizens would get confiscated. Letís face it: Pandora done unlocked da box, and the assault rifles came out with the rest of da pestilence! Gun control freaks canít seem to get it through their noggins that passing gun laws affects only those who obey the law, and that lawbreakers donít obey them. The Second Amendment may be cumbersome, but itís a right guaranteed by the Constitution and can be changed only by ratifying another Constitutional Amendment. Australians may be having success, but not enough time has elapsed to be able to say whether itís effective in either the long or the short-terms. As the NRA points out, the right to bear arms is what keeps home invaders at bay, because they donít know what the homeowner has on his side of the door. Take away the homeownersí guns and thereís nothing to stop the invader from breaking down the door. Even if gun control laws were viable, one size couldnít fit all; the gun owner in Wyoming shouldnít be bound by gun control measures in New Jersey. This will be another instance of lots of talk and no action.


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