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always wear your invisible crown

heavy is the head that wears the crown,


Aviias is a silky furred Arctic fae. Her pelt is a clash of cinnamon, gray and ivory shades that blend to form one seemingly solid coat color. Her eyes are bright and reminiscent of sea foam. Her body is lean and curvy, but her slightly scraggly fur makes her seem larger than she really is. Her fur also hides the majority of her battle wounds. She stands pretty tall and has large paws and ears, not entirely proportional to her sleek frame. From afar she seems quite the catch - until you move too close and get a taste of her pearly whites.

Aviias is strong willed, to say the least. She is loud when it comes to voicing her thoughts and will not hold back on letting others around her know how she feels. She isn't one to let herself be bullied or pushed around, even by stronger wolves or those in a position of power. She is stubborn as a mule and her tongue strikes sharp and fast.
Aviias is constantly throwing her weight around. She has no problem giving her own two sense and loves to be the center of attention. She can be flirty but prefers to be respected for her abilities, not her attributes. Despite having a reputation as a loud mouth she also knows when to shut up and is known for her talent in the industry of espionage. She is an irreplaceable ally in battle and will do much good to those she feels connected to. That being said - get on her good side. She often enjoys berating and degrading those lower than herself or those she is not fond of, and usually does so before she attacks. Aviias is witty and enjoys engaging in verbal battles with others, she thrives on constant banter as it keeps her alert on her toes.

As a youngling she was obsessed with becoming an alpha, the thrill of power taking hold of her every waking thought. Age has mellowed her, not by much, but enough to settle her ache for the crown into more of a hope. She has matured in the way she battles, both physically and verbally. She is not as hot-headed and egocentric as she used to be. Make no mistake - she is still full of venom, a viper ready to strike, but she has learned the age-old survival mechanism of choosing your battles wisely.
Unfortunately, age has not quelled her unhealthy obsession with her former king and on-again-off-again friend? rival? Kershov. Though it has been a lifetime since their last meeting, and Avi left his pack many years ago, she has not yet found another wolf able to fill his shoes. No one to press her buttons, no one to grind her gears, no one to test her limits or push her past them. No one quite like Kershov. But who knows, maybe someday she'll track the mighty king again and see how time has changed him. After all, she's been doing it since she was a young and stupid teen. It has never been hard to follow the trail of the devil incarnate.

OOC: Morgin

don't let the greatness get you down.

| Aviias | Femme Fatale | Pining for the Throne | Loved by None | Hated by Many
Puppet of Morgin

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