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happy birthday, shaman!

shaman is 9 years old today! thanks everyone for the love you have shown this old site over the years.

to celebrate, we are running another hamper event. each player has a hamper in which to collect goodies. some goodies may be posted as freebies on boards, but most have to be acquired by doing things on the site - like posting an update, or writing a post in a particular place. here's the catch, though: we won't be telling you what you have to do to get the hamper gifts. when someone does something which triggers a hamper gift, the gift will be posted underneath their post. it's down to players to put their heads together to work out what's triggering hamper gifts in order to collect all 20!

total number of hamper goodies available (excluding freebies posted on boards): 20
there are a mix of ooc & ic 'things' which trigger hamper gifts
only merlin & I know what triggers hamper gifts and we're not telling >:D

hamper goodies can be collected until the end of march. from april 1st onwards, you will be able to claim your hampers on the updates board with all the goodies in it! you can keep track of your hampers on your own boards.

happy hunting everyone!

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