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My longwinded take on it

At one of the lowest points of my life Jon Grove /who is one of the mkst solid bros of all time(NGBB FTW ) brought me a carton of Newport a tub of protein and a stack of powerlifting USA Mags while I was in the loony been looking at a bunch of charges-some of which federal. pretty much feeling like the biggest piece of shit in the world.
Seeing my name in small smudged newsprint in the top 100 in the back of one of those mags made me fucking prouder than Naven R Johnson seeing his shit in the phonebook.

I dont know if ill ever train hard again but ill handle whoever needs a hand. If you ever heard some retard bellow BE SOMEBODY!!! at a meet after slapping the shit outta their bro you probably had a run in with APG.
So...I regret running the wheels off myself young- but it was rec drugs that kept me from being in the top 20. Dont think i ever had more than 8-10 months of solid training then id be all fucked up on drugs or chasing some girl, in the looney bin-commiting crimes or Dealing with the consequences of one of the aforementioned items...
I mean-i wish I wasnt crazy as fuck but I am. Mr jesus and having a daughter solo mellowed me out-but man...i fuckin listen to nothing or the jesus channel in the car, breath deeply and take my meds(most the time) it takes a concerted effort not to stir shit up, smoke cigarettes and do hood rat shit with my friends.
Im kind of afraid of the hormones now. I got a pretty fiance with nice boobies and shes about all that makes my dick hard and thats fuckin awesome. No trouble chasing girls. I drive the damn speed limit, say please and thank you-and have accomplished an awful lot more than that fucked up dude looking at 25 minimum gauranteed longass yrs of boredom and smushin hot fries in my ramen...but it was something when I had nothing and genetics werent going to take me there.


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