i don't wanna die

One second she was trying not to swallow her ren, and the next she was in Morgana's beautiful room again. Or it had been beautiful, until... She hurriedly changed her form, scrambling back to allow Aura to stand before flopping back down on her stomach. A giggle bubbled up in her throat and she fought to hold it back, gasping for air and waiting for her heart to settle back into its normal pace. After a moment or two she got to her feet, handing over the object at Aura's bidding. A loud whoop! escaped her throat at Aura's announcement, and, going on impulse (and stupidity), Bohdi attacked the goddess with a hug.

"THANK YOU goddess-dead-lady! You're my third favorite deity!" she told her brightly, releasing her a second later. She stepped back, once again surveying Morgana's room. A delighted laugh escaped her at the destruction, not even having the good grace to look the least bit guilty. "Okay, that's all I needed, now you guys can have your..." She flapped her hands at Morgana, having forgotten the word "meeting". "Friend time."

"Byeeeeee!" she called, dashing to the door as if expecting someone to ask her to clean up the mess. She paused with it open, gave an awkward sort of half-bow towards Morgana, gratitude in her eyes (which were now tearing with mirth), and then slammed the door behind her. Her laughter increased into a fit of hysterical giggles that was probably still quite audible to those inside the room, and lasted much longer than was probably normal for someone sane.


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