leader of the whole pack

so you can throw me to the wolves
tomorrow i will come back

leader of the whole pack
Cypress turned towards Thoth, blushing bright pink as his gaze slid between her and Danny. It was a date! I mean, what else would you call a trip to Earth, together? And she knew, really, that it didn't totally count because Thoth didn't know it was a date, but she knew it was, and she wasn't going to let Danny ruin it for her. She was going to tuck away all the memories from this trip so she could gloat over them later, of that there was no doubt. Danny opened his mouth, almost as if he was going to tell, and Cypress glared at him. His mouth closed slowly and he shook his head.

"But I..." Cypress objected, her fuzzy feelings fading just a little at Thoth's determined scowl.

"I-I-I'll cover for you, if you g-get this tiger out of here," squeaked a voice from a nearby stall. Cypress winced. In all the... everything, she'd forgotten about Luke entirely. She hurried to the stall door, pulling it open. Sol tumbled out, looking affronted.

"I didn't do anything to him," he said, sniffing irritably.

"Yes, but you're a tiger," Cypress said with some affection, patting the tiger's head.

"That's racist!" Solarius grumbled, striding away with his head held high.

"Wouldn't it be..." Danny shook his head. He was not going to let his familiar get into this debate again.

"I'm sorry, Luke," Cypress said gently, helping the still-wet Luke out of the stall and giving him a gentle smile. "But if you wouldn't mind..." she looked longingly in Thoth's direction.

"Just go. Please," Luke said, with just a bit of desperation. He put a slightly wet, rather crumpled cigarette to his lips with a shaky hand, flapping his hands at her.

"Thank you! You're the best!" she said, hugging him brightly before dashing out after Thoth. Danny, rolling his eyes, followed after the duo as fast as he could. He wouldn't put it past them to abandon him - Thoth accidentally in his hurry to get going, and Cypress in an effort to have her "date" without third-wheel in tow.

"So, uh, how do we get to Earth anyways?" Cypress asked, looking from wolf-Thoth to Danny. "I've never been."



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