The Kingswood
the outlaw hideaway
This forest, formerly discovered by King Arthur, Lady Morgana and the then Lord Mordred, was somehow unaffected by the Great Flood. Locals whisper of magic which causes the forest to reshape and shift, confusing King Mordred's men and apparently protecting King Tristan's. This is the base of Tristan's rebellion against Mordred and the place where his supporters live.

king of the forest

Alder, Smuggler

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located here
  • The Henge stands atop Old Man's Barrow. King Tristan has established his headquarters inside the barrow so the entrance is hidden from view. It provides shelter and acts as a base for supplies and meetings.
  • Outlaw Camp The outlaw camp moves regularly to avoid detection. Its appearance varies depending on where its been set-up but there are usually tents involved!
  • The Memory Tree: A tall, broad tree with white bark and leaves that stay bright red and gold year round, situated on the banks of The King tributary as a memorial.
Play sounds for the outlaw camp

There is no time limit on the prompts below. Anyone may use them, and multiple people can make use of the same prompt. We do ask (for now) that each character only completes each prompt once.

You can complete the prompts in cooperation with other players in normal threads (hooray for plot fodder!), or you can complete them yourself using NPCs. Your prize will depend on how much effort has been put into your posts. If you complete a prompt in cooperation, all thread participants who play a significant role will be issued a prize.

If you are using other people's characters in your posts please make sure you have the other player's permission to do so! Otherwise, have fun!

When you complete a task, tag Merlin in the tagging channel on discord telling her where it is so she can review it and issue your reward

1. Capture a Mordred loyalist and return them to camp
2. Disrupt delivery or communication to the Castle
3. Rescue or defend someone who finds themselves in trouble with the crown (and doesn't deserve it!)
4. Infiltrate the castle and retrieve a useful object, or information.
5. Protect the camp from discovery
6. Spread false rumours about King Tristan, the outlaw camp, or outlaw plans to mislead Mordred's men
7. Make an alliance with someone who can help King Tristan and the camp in some way.
8. Recruit someone to King Tristan's cause.
9. Obtain useful supplies for the camp.
10. Go undercover to retrieve information. (ask Merlin for specific titbits if you need them)
11. Steal something from Mordred.
12. Start rumours to discredit Mordred or members of his family (and/or distribute rude/insulting pamphlets, writing a folk song to sing at the tavern etc.) - bonus points for actual posters and poems!
13. Graffiti pro-Tristan slogans/vandalise pro-Mordred monuments etc.

Personalised missions will be issued upon request. Post to Tristan IC or poke Merlin OOC.

If you have any ideas for additional prompts you'd like to add to this list poke Merlin and let her know!

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