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Navy continues and expands Aviation Bonus Program

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Navy announced March 20 the Active Component (AC) fiscal year 2018 Aviation Department Head Retention Bonus (ADHRB) and Aviation Command Retention Bonus (ACRB) and the expansion of Aviation Incentive Pay (AvIP) for both AC and the Reserve Component aviators in NAVADMIN 065/18.

The AC Aviation Bonus (AvB) program, consisting of the ADHRB and ACRB, incentivizes
highly-talented, hard-working, career-minded Naval Aviators and Naval Flight Officers (NFO) to choose to remain on active duty.

"Our Bonus and flight pay programs have proven successful in the past at retaining our best and brightest Aviators. However, these programs have remained essentially unchanged for well over a decade, and are beginning to lose their effectiveness in the face of growing competition for talent," said Capt. Michael Baze, head of aviation career management at Naval Personnel Command.

"We asked Aviators of all ranks how we should modernize and improve moving forward. Aviators reported they wanted our programs to be more flexible, merit based, and competitive with civilian opportunities. We took that feedback seriously, incorporating each of these elements in the program changes you see here today."

AC ADHRB has undergone substantial reform. Capable and dedicated department heads are
vital to mission effectiveness and represent the crucial link between senior leadership and junior personnel. The eligibility timeline has shifted from the expiration of the aviator's winging service obligation to their lieutenant commander board. Aviators can choose from a five-year contract or a three-year contract. Members who take the five-year contract early will receive a higher annual amount than members who take a five-year later or a three-year contract.

AC ACRB is designed to retain those officers with the talent and command experience in
primary warfighting missions that are critical for the future of our service. The new ACRB shifts from a 2-year, $36,000 total contract to a 3-year, $100,000 total contract. Members must select after screening for commander command and the obligation takes them through 22 years of service or the completion of their post-commander command tour, whichever is longer.

For AvIP, Navy is establishing expanded rates for aviators who screen and serve in career milestone billets. Aviators who do not screen or serve in milestone billets, but continue to qualify for flight pay, will continue to receive flight pay, but at a different rate than aviators in milestone positions.

"Aviation has taken a holistic approach that synchronizes targeted increases in both flight pay and bonuses in a mutually supportive fashion with achievement of major leadership milestones. The end state will be a judiciously applied, merit based, more competitive continuum of pay for our top Aviators from Department Head through post-Commander Command," said Baze. "Coupled with a range of non-monetary incentive improvements we are making, these changes will go a long way towards helping us retain the warfighting talent we need into the future."

For more information on eligibility go HERE.


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