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Re(1): Did you see the CNN story...

I saw it. As I recall, they did a study of sexual practices of gay male couples and inferred from that that cuckolding would be positive for heterosexual couples. No mention of whether biology would make these findings inapplicable to heterosexuals. Heterosexual men are wired not to want a promiscuous wife because there is an aversion to raising another man's kids, and you see this in other animals too. For example, a male lion taking over a pride will kill all the cubs. And women generally have no respect for men who let them sleep around without doing anything about it. Cuckolding thus generally ruins a relationship.

I guess the point of the article was to encourage modern men to reject their natural tendencies and be even more effeminate than they already are. Pathetic. In the real world, I can't imagine that there are many couples who do this, though I guess things like open marriages and swinging qualify. Still, a very low percentage of people participate in that kind of behavior, and I'd best most who do don't stay together very long.


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