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Re(8): Did you see the CNN story...

What may have been needed during an era when people were lucky to live to be 30 is no longer applicable at this time. We are not African bushmen who have a brood of 12 children during their time due to the fact that 8-10 of them will perish from disease or malnutrition. Not to mention, "science" seems to continually imply that we are facing overpopulation in all cultures (while conveniently only telling 1st worlders to stop breeding while ignoring those everywhere else), and encouraging rampant breeding beyond the standard family dynamic of necessary stable population levels would contradict itself, would it not?

For a populace whose numbers are struggling, or say, an insect species who needs to propagate in large numbers due to inherent genetic coding, sure, any procreation my be good procreation. However, even IMPLYING that something like cuckoldry could have a floatable reason for existing beyond mere sexual degeneracy in the modern era is laughable regardless of what professor came up with the notion that it would still serve a purpose today.

Perhaps if "science" were not continually twisted in order to push social agendas, it wouldn't have lost such credibility in the eyes of so many.


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