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Re(10): Did you see the CNN story...

>our bodies don't know we don't live like that anymore

Which unfortunately for the "science" is complicated by human nature and the values we develop as time goes along which for the most part, have reduced the animalism over thousands of years as we have become what we are today. This has rendered cuckoldry useless to modern human society and essentially leaving it as a fetish for those who get off on self-humiliation and being dominated by an external force. Which is why it's fucking toxic to society to accept it publicly. At this point, defending it in humanity is no more than defending someone's fetish for being whipped until bloody. Neither serve a purpose other than sexual gratification, and since that's something that people should ultimately keep to themselves and not expect tolerance from others on, again, all useless in the current age.

>case in point, men who suspect their partners have been unfaithful have increased testosterone.

Only if deciding to reduce one's self to base animal tendencies. Unfaithfulness would fail to raise my testosterone, because I'm cognizant of my ability to not drop my values to the lowest mean in order to cope with such a scenario by thinking like an ape vying for control of chattel. This can be explained much greater via human biodiversity in how blacks react to unfaithfulness often very differently from whites, but of course, that's an entirely different discussion, and would rely on "science" that those on the political left side of the spectrum decry because it doesn't fit the bill of a rainbow utopian paradise of equality.

And here we are, all because Engineer said "cuck"!


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