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Re(12): Did you see the CNN story...

I was not/am not the guy posting as science. Do you understand what I said re: Foucault? I can't believe it, but I was simply joining in with Engineer and JHS to point out that the science poster is an uncritical idiot.

Re: your point JHS, I would need to type this out on a laptop, not a phone, but basically bad implement doesn't mean there are no cultural differences. Culture is real and it matters. Jews are an extraordinary ethnicity, and there is a reason they clear 40+% of Nobel prizes. However, Asians' results are, I bet, largely biased by the class background of Asians taking the test. I bet a large sample from a provincial Chinese city would look the same as a similar American city if the sample was controlled for wealth. Low scores often correlate with little exposure to formal education, not necessarily lack of ability. Goddard and other white supremacist American eugenicists did design IQ tests to spit back blacks as lower IQ, that's indisputable. Would I dispute that the IQ data for a small black town in rural Alabama would look bleak compared to Jewish enclaves in American East Coast cities? No. But there are a zillion confounding economic and cultural factors that are as or more influential then anything strictly biological. But separating culture, class, and biology is stupid, because culture and environment shape epigenomic expression in a big way.


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