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Re(13): Did you see the CNN story...

My bad, too many directions at once, I lose focus easily.

However, your still implying that IQ testing is some form of biased less-than-honest representation that holds down the black man and that he's an intellectual equal is still laughable.

You can take blacks who have gained access to a free ride at Harvard and stack them against white kids going to the community college across town from me and quite easily find that the pedigreed cherished pedestal negroes are often intellectually inferior or just mediocre in many cases.

Do I doubt that there are intelligent blacks? No. Do I think that the system is rigged against them? No, rather, it's rigged against everyone else, even the Asians now suffer the same fate of being relegated to 2nd class when up for consideration into prestigious institutions of higher education because they've proven capable enough, so time to handicap them just like the white folk. Do I think blacks are their own worst enemy and will kneecap themselves 9/10 times rather than make intelligent decisions? Looking outside my window or reading the local news can answer that easily enough. There are always excuses, but when you get every handout, advantage, extra test score point and benefit that can be had and STILL fail to make the cut almost every time, what does that REALLY tell you about a people? Certainly nothing positive.

It's just laughable that everything that leftists disagree with MUST BE A WHITE SUPREMACIST CONSPIRACY, RIGHT?!?! I mean, it couldn't be that blacks overall are lower on the ladder intellectually in many cases, it has to be because everything is biased against them!!!!

Such arguments fall apart when put to the test of real life. In Milwaukee, inner city kids get free computer tablets, free meals, special treatment, and have an average of $14k spent on them per year, compared to the suburban non-black kids who get none of those things and only around $9k/year spent on their education. Know what happens? The white kids thrive and succeed at amazingly high rates, but for blacks, most fail, 50%+ drop out by 9th grade, less than 25% graduate EVEN THOUGH ALL THEY NEED TO DO IS SHOW UP AND BE PRESENT AND NOT EVEN PUT FORTH EFFORT, and that's that. Sure, their toxic culture they've created and embraced certainly contributes to this, but beings of high intellect would not be so quick to adopt and defend a failed way of living generation after generation on the whole if they were equals in many regards.

For the most part, IQ data from a small black town in Alabama is going to be similar to that of a large city anywhere you go. Not always the case with other races. Why is it that non-blacks can seize opportunity and run with it, taking themselves to new heights, whereas the black man is typically content with being carried to the front of the line due to his skin color and perceived oppression, where he'll squander his opportunity acting like a trained seal for those who oooh and aaah at him for being "such a great example" rather than taking full advantage of what he's been given access to?

I'm sure it's just white oppression why, say, a black college athlete still thinks it's okay to rob a liquor store and lose his scholarship and all chances at success, right? If only we'd thrown more money and free things at him, I'm sure his inner intellectual would have sprung forth and helped him realize how to maximize his potential!


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