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Re(15): Did you see the CNN story...

>seem to satisfactorily explain it all to me

So, excusing shitty subhuman behavior generation after generation because somehow, while the rest of civilization has moved on from it's troubled past, blacks get a hall pass while still being equal in your mind? Got it!

Maybe someone should tell the Jews that they could have just stayed on the dole their whole lives and milked the Holocaust for all it's worth to ensure their people would never have to contribute anything to society while being excused for criminality, maybe they missed the boat by actually deciding to use what they had to get ahead instead of giving up on life and making excuses for it!

But, in all seriousness, and requesting a valid reply, why is it that with 3 generations of American blacks having not experienced any direct restriction of rights while getting a head start in everything they've been able to do can still find every reason to do nothing more than take government handouts and spit out 10 kids they can't afford? Why is it that blacks from Africa who grew up with actual struggle of famine, war, cruel dictators, disease, and things that no American blacks have suffered under can somehow find a way to get out of their nation, get an education, and come to the USA and succeed wildly despite having had less opportunity than their cousins who have been here for centuries who still sit in their crumbling Baltimore homes blaming whitey? All I know is, I've never met people who hate American blacks more than African blacks, they look at American blacks as the biggest trash that exists, wondering how anyone can throw away so much opportunity to succeed while still blaming things that happened a century before they came to be?

I'm genuinely curious what your rationale will be for that one. I've encountered it many times to hear actual African-born-and-raised blacks curse their American cousins as much as I'd envision any klansman to do. Seems to me they can't be hating American blacks because they're racist....maybe it's because of how little American blacks have accomplished despite having every advantage for a half century?


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