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As a final thought for the night

If blacks in general were to:

- Take accountability for their actions instead of expecting the rest of us to bend to allow poor behavior due to past infractions from 200 years ago. There's not a problem with too many blacks in prison who were innocent, rather, now the spin is that some crimes (like drug dealing) shouldn't REALLY be considered crimes, which essentially is saying that blacks and drug dealing go together like butter on toast so we should expect them to do such things. Not the image I'd want to put on my people, not sure why blacks think that seeking absolution of their worst bottom-feeders will lift their people up, but that's what they seem to want now.

- Opt for being gainfully employed vs. taking handouts or hustling because they don't want to work for anyone else

- Stop making fucking excuses for shit that has never impacted their existence directly, aka slavery, which no living black has endured in any capacity. And, for those who say they've lived through REAL discrimination, unless they're in their 70s or older, no, they have not.

- Stop thinking of themselves as "a black man in a white world" with every action they take in order to ensure that every white/Asian/Latino has to see them as a separate species in all regards because they WANT to always make themselves the outsider

- Start understanding that they've been throwing away 60+ years of equal opportunity and finally STOP wasting their time/lives by holding on to grudges instilled in them by liberal media who wants to keep them agitated and angry at all times

...I personally wouldn't give a flying fuck that they're not the same color as me. Problem is, the differences run far beyond skin color, and if white people were nearly as shiftless, criminally-inclined and blaming, hell, I wouldn't want to hang out with my own kind, I'd be ashamed of them. To me, human garbage is human garbage no matter the color, so I won't defend a shitty white guy just because we share the same skin tone. Difference between us is, I wouldn't make excuses for them and try to blame the world for why they never bothered to give so much as minimal effort. That's what separates us all, in that all ethnicities other than blacks want to cast off their worst people, traits and habits, whereas black will ALWAYS double down on standing by their own even when they're literally defending a pile of human shit, because, well, he's a brotha, you know.

Blacks can keep on doing what they've been doing and remain the underclass 100 years from now, or, finally learn to work within the bounds of the real world that's inhabited by real people living real lives. It's their decision to make, but something tells me they'll continue to follow the same course and wonder why it never gets better.


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