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Re(15): Did you see the CNN story...

I don't have issues with anyone. You don't know anything about what I believe. Note what I did not say-I did not say any group is inferior, that any group should be discriminated against or treated differently, that it is ok for the police to violate anyone's rights, or that institutions of learning and employers should treat such tests as the be-all, end-all and not seek diversity. I said none of these things. I simply said that there are persistent differences between groups on these tests that aren't explained by socioeconomic factors. Ignore blacks and look solely at other groups. Why are there significant differences among them, why is there markedly more variation in white males than in other groups such that there are a disproportionate number scoring very low and very high? I don't know the answer, but cultural factors don't explain them and institutionalized racism is inapplicable when looking at differences among groups other than blacks. People who don't like what the research says invariably fall back to the "you're a racist, you have issues with blacks position," even if you leave blacks out and look solely at other group differences.


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