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tundra swans, white fronted geese, ross's geese, snow goose, blue goose......

Eco Park - Stayner Lagoons - off Mowat street
over 100 tundra swans - most flew off before 9am, found them in a corn field just east of sideroad 3-4 and on the north side of concession 9 of Sunnidale. Some trumpeter swans are mixed in with the flock. They have been there for the last 4 days during the day.

wigeon, blue phase snow goose, bufflehead, pintails, canada geese - more flying in as we left, lesser scaup - need to verify this one,
hooded merganser pair in the smaller pond

Sandhill crane flew overhead as we drove there.

County road 7 just north of hwy 26 in east field flooded areas
3 white fronted geese
4 ross's geese
1 snow goose
canada geese- well over 100
few cackling geese
blue phase snow goose flew in
ring-billed gulls

Careful as this is a busy road. Be sure and pull well off the road. Fortunately there are wide shoulders to park on.

pond west side of Clearview/Sunnidale road 3-4 and county road 9
canada geese
2 male common mergansers

concession 2 - Mad River - Brentwood
canada geese, mallards, wigeon
Water level is way down. Concession 2 is normally flooded just past Mad River. But not now.

as we drove:
hawk (sp?)
robbin, blue jay, crows, raven, mourning dove,

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