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happy april fool's day!

It looks like one of the gods has decided to play an April fools prank on Shaman this year.

Across different parts of Shaman, different coloured hazes have settled. This rolling mist colours everything it touches - including plants, animals, fairies and buildings - with a colour specific to an area. It scrubs off the skin and will come out of the hair after several washes, but good luck getting it out of your clothes!

There are no point bonuses for participating in this event, but have fun with it! If there's enough interest there may be some events/missions relating to clearing up the colour.

The castle has turned pink! Shame about those new guard uniforms Mordred just had made.
Laketon-on-the-moor has turned deep purple!
Oliford has turned orange!
Is it just me, or is Kingswood Forest even more green than usual?
Can somene say sunshine yellow for the Stone Dragon?
Elysium Forum is now a stunning shade of turquoise.
A bloody red seems appropriate for all the piracy that happens in the Silver Coast.
Saltrock Peaks is starting to look like the Realm of the Dead with all that grey settling over it.

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