Team USA plays NJAA action with white plastic ball

Five of the six players that will be representing "Team USA" played at Puryear Park yesterday as the hard white plastic ball was used for the first time in league games.

The ball, used by North Miami Amateur Jai-alai and many courts around the world (the NJAA supplies many amateur courts) was in use for the first time in NJAA League Action. Scott King, Anthony, Thomas, Belota and Laca needed to practice with the ball to be used in Mexico City tournament next week.

Denver is the 6th player and was unable to attend due to the short notice. Mike and Leo also showed up for 5 long games that were played. Most of the games had three teams with 13 or more points in the game - an oddity.

The ball does not bounce well off the tennis court like flooring nor the cinder block front, side and back walls and is very light in weight. Hitting the back wall is like hitting the back wall at the Mexico City Fronton - in other words - not easy. And one of the balls cracked with the fierce throws of Belota. He then took the ball and threw it against the front wall, where it exploded like an Easter Egg.

Since the 1980s, a lacrosse ball was the main ball used all the way 2012 when I made a trip to play at Matt's court and came back with a few of his "pelota's". After one throw, I knew we had the ball desired since the lacrosse had more than enough of its own faults as well as the Tedrick Ball (a shaved down batting practice ball which was slow, too large and light).

The players all depart either Tuesday or Wednesday to participate in the 4 day tournament. Rain, howver is in the forecast for Mexico City Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The courts are outside, but may be covered.

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