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You have acquired a Gold Holiday Egg and have cracked it open immediately.

The Gold Holiday Egg opens to reveal... a very unusual, homeless familiar.

Gender: Male
Species: European Cave Lion
Colour: Similar to the modern lion, but lighter, with a thick white undercoat. Very faint tiger stripes.

The European Cave Lion was approximately 10% bigger than its modern-day counterparts. A beast of the Ice Age, this lion had dark guard hairs to help protect against the cold.

Suggested name: Saali

Suggested personality: Saali has awoken from his egg in a state of bewilderment. He's certain that when he fell asleep, it was amongst his pride in the icy regions of Siberia... and now he's in some strange, warm land, alone. Saali has no idea that he's a familiar and doesn't understand what these weird, talking two-legged creatures are. They look like food but sound like lions. Help?!

This new world is permanently confusing for Saali, who is inclined to lie on the ground and cover his head with his paws when it all gets too much for him. He likes to chew things to find out what they are.

You can rename Saali and create your own personality or story for him before assigning him to a character of your choice. If none of your current characters would suit Saali, he can be banked for later.

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