The Silver Holiday Egg opens to reveal... a very unusual, homeless pet.

Gender: Female
Species: Nile Crocodile
Colour: Species-typical; green-brown

As if a Nile Crocodile isn't a scary enough pet, this is a very unusual one. This particular Nile Crocodile belongs to a strange sub-species which has a special kind of resistance to divinity. This sub-species is one of the only known things able to kill a god. If your Nile Crocodile attacks a deity, they will be unable to heal themselves from the wound.

Suggested name: Soryn

Suggested personality: Soryn is loyal, but not always obedient. She will do anything to protect her chosen fairy but not necessarily anyone else! Soryn is usually sneaky about her disobedience, and has a nasty gleam in her eye behind her fairy's back.

You can rename Soryn and rewrite her personality before assigning her to the character of your choice. You can also choose to bank her for later if you prefer.

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