The Rose Gold Holiday Egg opens to reveal… a very unusual, homeless baby.

Gender: Female
Level: I:4 points
Eye colour: Deep purple with gold flecks
Hair colour: Chocolate brown
Skin tone: Type iv
Powers: Age Manipulation (self); Illusionism

Suggested name: Amayst

Suggested appearance: Amayst has such a high metabolism, she needs to eat near constantly in order to maintain a healthy weight. She could eat McDonald’s all day, every day and put nothing on. Amayst has a straight, boyish figure and an oval face with a rather large nose. She has long fingers, fast-growing curly hair and a wicked grin.

Suggested wing appearance: Violet-backed starling wings

Suggested personality: Amayst is affectionate and generous, but can be uncooperative and ‘doesn’t play well’ with others. She has a brash and abrupt nature which makes her hard to warm to. She’s also incredibly proud and refuses to accept help or charity. Amayst is a natural at sword-fighting and has a musical ear, but she’s got no memory for faces whatsoever. Amayst could meet the same person ten times and still not recognise them by face. She also has low numeracy skills.

How Amayst ended up in an egg is anyone’s guess. Hopefully she can find someone to care for her!

You can rename Amayst and generate a new detailed appearance, personality, wing appearance and story for her. When you have decided what to do with her, reply here with a name and she will be added to the database.

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