The Gold Holiday Egg opens to reveal… a very unusual, homeless familiar.

Gender: Female
Species: Aurochs
Colour: Reddish-brown with a light muzzle.

The Aurochs was an extinct species of cattle, one of the largest herbivores in postglacial Europe. Due to its massive horns, its head was substantially larger than modern cattle. It had an athletic build, a muscular neck, and long, slender legs. The udder is small and barely visible from the side. The Aurochs was a fast, powerful species which could be aggressive.

Suggested name: Bella

Suggested personality: Bella is a nomad who finds fairy society claustrophobic. She prefers to be always on the move, ideally across the open moorland. Bella sneers at comfort and luxury, and approves whole-heartedly of ‘roughing it’. Any fairy of hers had better get used to life in the great outdoors! A sound knowledge of survival skills and herbology is important to Bella. She’s always willing to educate others on these subjects, even if she does roll her eyes first.

You can rename Bella and create your own personality or story for her before assigning her to a character of your choice. If none of your characters would suit Bella, she can be banked for later.

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