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Re(6): But...but....

Good to hear the rehab/flip game is still doing well! Holding out decently enough on my end, business is actually up under the Trump economy for the first time in around 8 years, so I can't complain. First time in ages I haven't wanted to fire sale my business just to move on, I actually have enjoyed my work again. Just not my customer base, though, they're still as far left as ever and dumb enough to write me insisting that I drop FedEx because MUH NRA DISCOUNTS, not even bothering to look and find that UPS and the US Postal Service do all the NRA merchandise shipping. It's fun making liberal heads explode with facts.

You still walking around in the upper 200s for weight? If so, you might be able to alleviate a lot of that pain by doing what all of we old guys do now, which means getting smaller. Hell, I'm not a fan of walking around at 208 now, but I sure as shit ache a whole lot less than when I was holding tight at 260-280. Getting old sucks, but I'm trying to work with what I've got long enough to not fall apart completely. Not sure if you're still as large as you were, but if so and if the training isn't as intense as it was, it might be time to join the Small Man Club like so many of us have done as we find it tough to carry that extra weight.

Anyway, get back to smoking weed and sticking with the safe stuff, and hopefully you find a doc who can actually help!


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