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Re(1): We Can Fix the SWO Career Path

Interesting seems right; Adm. Mullen’s solution focuses on the surface warfare community which envisions officers serving on AEGIS destroyers/cruisers, aircraft carriers, amphibs, logistical service ships, etc. inclusive for this “pipeline” leading to qualifying CO’s. I suppose submariners and aviators fall into different categories. It strikes this old man as being similar to the tale of the group of blind men describing an elephant based on what they felt with their fingers. The article also infers that the fault of the recent collisions lay entirely with commanding officers and officers on watch, and that the ship control system was perfect. But this seems not so and is beside his point. To ensure that officers are qualified in this age of computer-driven virtual reality games, it would be a matter of training and testing under stringent artificial conditions to qualify officers for their next sea-going duty station IF the Navy develops the software and hardware similar to the airline industry’s simulators. Of course this would mean that Navy politics would play no part. Ain’t it so!


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