The Gold Egg cracks open to reveal… a very unusual, homeless familiar.

Gender: Female
Species: Dodo
Colour: Grey plumage with lighter primary feathers and a tuft of curly light feathers high on the rear end. Darker grey, naked head with a green, black and yellow beak. Legs are yellow-brown with black claws.

The Dodo was a large bird, up to 1 metre tall, with the females being slightly smaller. It had reasonably strong leg bones and could run quite fast. In contrast to modern depictions as fat and clumsy, it was agile and manoeuvrable in the dense, pre-human landscape.

Suggested name: Imald

Suggested personality: Imald is only a baby when her egg cracks open. The first creature she lays eyes on, she assumes is her mother and clings to. The world is confusing to Imald, who finds herself clumsy and out of place in it… apart from in the forest, where she feels most at home.

You can rename Imald and choose to bank her or assign her to a character.

The Silver egg cracks open to reveal… a very unusual, homeless pet.

Gender: Female
Species: Fennec Fox
Colour: Species-typical; cream with lighter underbelly.

Suggested name: Okima

Suggested personality: Okima has intelligence akin to a border collie and can be trained to do complex tricks and tasks. She is unwaveringly loyal. The only downside to her high intellect is that she requires a great deal of mental stimulation!

Okima also has a very special ability… she can phase through solid objects!

You can rename Okima and choose to bank her or assign her to a character.

The reroll has given you a Monochrome Holiday Egg, rerolled again to a Mirror Holiday Egg. You can bank it, sell it or crack it open!

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