Random Trait opens into Tail
Mohana has received a Female Gerenuk familiar. Please update with a name. (not updated)
Animal Mimicry (Ferret) has become Mind Blocking

Powerless Guarantee $30
Picker: Skin $60
Imitation Staff of the Dead $15
Instant Darkness Powder $24
Magic Carpet $300
Total: $429 (okayed on discord)

The Silver Egg has opened to reveal… a very unusual, homeless pet

Gender: Female
Species: Grizzly Bear
Color: Blue

Grizzly bears typically come in a variety of colors, all of them brown, but this one stands out from the rest: she is a translucent blue, made up of thin crystals and gems that grow and shed like fur. If the owner were so inclined, they might collect the shed stones but watch out, they can be sharp.

Suggested Name: Sini

Despite their reputation as a species, this grizzly bear is far more proud and vain, it seems, than most. She makes that plain in her disobedience to commands she is not already interested in performing. If pushed too hard on this issue, that ferocity may come to a heated argument – and no one wins an argument with a bear.

You can rename Sini and rewrite her personality before assigning her to the character of your choice. You can also choose to bank her for later if you prefer.

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