Your Silver Egg opens to reveal… a very unusual, homeless pet.

Gender: Female
Species: Ostrich
Appearance: Species-typical

This ostrich is very special… it attracts precious metals and gemstones! Wherever the ostrich goes, nearby precious metals and gems will shoot through the earth and pop up around the ground near to its feet. This is handy for the ostrich, since she only eats gems and precious metals. Her favourite is gold.

Suggested name: Ruby

Suggested personality: Ruby isn’t the brightest bird of the bunch, but she is one of the most loyal! Ruby will always come when she’s called and, given the choice, will follow her fairy anywhere. She can be ridden as a mount.

You can rename Ruby and change her personality. You can assign her direct to a character or bank her for now.

The Rose Gold Egg opens to reveal… a very unusual, homeless baby.

Gender: Male
Level I: 15 points
Eye colour: Gold
Hair colour: Brown
Skin tone: type v (dark)
Powers: Midas’ Touch; Gold Manipulation

Suggested name: Eurig

Suggested personality: Eurig is intelligent, mature and a good conversationalist, but has a tendency to be quite shallow. He prefers to only interact with people he finds physically attractive. He can also be unreliable and flaky. Eurig has a talent for magic but is a terrible fighter.

How Eurig ended up in an egg is anyone’s guess. Hopefully he can find someone to care for her!

You can rename Eurig and generate a new detailed appearance, personality, wing appearance and story for her. When you have decided what to do with her, reply here with a name and she will be added to the database.

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