The Silver Egg opens to reveal... a very unusual, homeless pet.

Gender: Male
Species: Ictyph
Colour: Golden

Ictyph are horse-sized creatures, with weasel-like faces and necks, golden-retriever bodies, fox tails and retractable claws. They come in a variety of colours ranging from golden to mahogany. They have wings, but these are incapable of sustained flight. They can only manage to hover for a couple of minutes at a time. An Ictyph uses its wings to reach the tree-tops and steal bird eggs out of nests. They are very fast and extremely flexible, enabling them to weave between trees and cross rough terrain with ease.

Suggest name: Ruliz

Suggested personality: Ruliz is the laziest grouchy grouch you will ever come across. He is stubborn and will never do anything you tell him. Trying to get Ruliz to move when he just wants to chill is like trying to move a mountain. Good luck to THIS owner!

You can rename Ruliz and recreate a personality for him. You can bank him or assign him direct to a character.

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