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President's Use of Military

I have repeated this message hoping to get a response from you professionals who served through these years.

President Trump may be the only president, besides Reagan, who knows how to use our powerful military force since Eisenhower. Kennedy used it well in Cuba but then seriously misused it in Vietnam. Johnson doubled down by a factor of 20 while following a no win set of restrictions defined by McNamara etc,. Nixon understood how it could be used but wasted the first term hoping that Kissinger could win a suitable peace at the conference table. He finally applied the power needed to release our POWs and end the U S involvement. Ford was not really challenged. Carter wanted to shut down our nuclear forces, cancelled the B-1, and avoided starting the MX while the Russians built the SS18s and SS19s. Near the end of his term the Russians invaded Afghanistan and Carter decided we needed the new big missile. He totally failed to use our power in the Iran hostage situation. Reagan used the U S power in several situations and kept us out of war for 8 years.(I was once told the Reagan transition team indicated to Iran that the city of QUAM would not survive if the hostages ere not released). He also won the cold war with his build up. Bush 41 amassed a massive force against Sadam (won in three days) and then allowed Stormin Norman to let Sadam stay in place with air assets to coerce his own people. Clinton was over cautious in Serbia and so afraid of losses he directed the tactical flights to stay above 15,000 feet. He won finally over a very minor opponent. Bush 43 won the war but totally screwed up the peace. Obama spent 8 years dismantling the forces and avoiding conflict wherever possible..
I think Trump is wise to hit hard at Assad for use of chemical weapons but stay out of anlost Syrian civil war. He is telling the countries of the Mid East they need to settle the peace. He is also putting Iran, N. Korea and Russia on notice we are not going to tolerate aggression.


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