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Re(3): President's Use of Military

Carter and Obama followed the “Peace through Weakness” strategy if you can call it that.
While still on active duty as SP, I saw that the Navy was facing the daunting expense of refurbishing the older SSBNs. Carter proposed laying them up without first exacting any concessions from the Russians. With this and other unilateral concessions by Carter made me wonder is we were going to survive. I thanked God for Reagan.
Clinton was fortunate in not having any serious foreign policy challenges and he was clearly not up to the Job.
Obama continued Carter’s philosophy of avoiding conflict at any cost by a series of unilateral concessions. He had two good Secretaries of Defense (Gates and Panetta) and didn’t listen to them. The imposition of lunatic social policies under Secretaries Carter and Hagen have probably done lasting damage to the Military. His Secretaries of State (Clinton and Perry) were comically inept.
He topped it all off by trying to send, back door, the millions in unmarked bills to Iraq; then when he was caught saying it wasn’t ransom.
Trump seems to be on the right track if he continues to listen to Bolton and Pompei, but his often juvenile responses to minor slights on twitter make me uneasy.


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