Re(1): Tallulah-what a girl

Shame you didn't invite us to your book launch beanfeast, you tight-arse. Be advised that I rarely give absolution for sins of omission.

Anyway, never one to hold a grudge,I sauntered down to the local library and asked to have a peek at all the upskirt books written by Mobo. After some diligent googling of her cardboard index file the comely lady at the desk removed her spectacles,tossed back her hair and informed me that none were available.

I then asked if she could consult her Index Librorum Prohibitorum as, given the somewhat controversial nature of the subject matter,they might be lodged therein.

"Come back when you are a bishop" she replied rather too tartly for my liking, "we do not condone anyone of a lower ecclesiastical rank reading such filth".

"Put your specs back on you jumped-up floozy and act your age" I countered with as much restraint as I could muster.

I don't suppose you have a spare copy lying about the house? Throw it in a brown paper bag and bring it along next time you pop into the confession box. I'm sure we can come to some agreement over that wee problem with the absolution.


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