in a room full of liars

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Creature chortled at Asef's comment, pulling her feet free of the magic and letting herself land nimbly on the ground once more. She plopped down on Asef's table, feet kicking as she studied him expectantly. Shaman was a world of endless wonders, so surely someone like this man had to have something particularly fancy. Right?

Wrong. Crea let out the slightest sigh of disappointment. Water wasn't exactly the neatest thing in the world, was it? All it did was clean you, and baths were pretty much the devil. She supposed you could drink the stuff, but she'd much rather have something bubbly if given the choice. Her first sip of the stuff they called "sparkling cider" had been an epiphany for her.

"Well, that's... nice," she said, just a touch glumly. She slid her hand through the water anyways, though, and a grin formed on her face. "So, what're you doing in this place anyways? Not many folk come all the way back here."

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