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Remembering C130.

A few months ago an article was printed where a female Pax was partially sucked out of a aircraft due to pressurization loss. A few weeks back the same thing happened to a pilot on a Chinese flight...….Who remembers when we had a big problem with the first production models with the Hercs….The first models ours had a cargo loading door on port side, about 8 ft. rear of crew entrance door. The USAF Lost a Loadmaster, in flight, due to door opening and he was sucked out.. We then threaded a tiedown chain through the floor tie down rings and the door handles, using the screw tie tension device....486 Maint.Sqn then removed the hydraulics and closed the cargo door permantly. The door was the most useless thing...If a aircraft was correctly loaded by destination there was no need for it... Any one remember about our Aircraft door, its only 58 years ago """""


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