So far the usual suspects are dominating, lets provide a review of the first chunk of what is a short season.

15 Frank 59 10 9 4 .169 .390
Solid Mexican front. Could be a lower end earlier game player at Dania. Was unsuccessful in his time at Dania but I think the time at Miami against decent players and the fact he is playing every single day has vastly improved and fine tuned his game. Brother of back courter Elizalde at Dania.

18 Erkiaga 53 19 13 7 .358 .736
Veteran Back, comes out of the wood work to collect the poker money. He said if the price was right, he would participate in any form of jai alai. Very skilled player with a great jai alai bloodline. He will smack around this roster.

19 Steev 28 0 0 0 .000 .000
Pathetic. Should not be on the roster. Should not be a players manager. BUT I can live with him as the PM and match maker of a bastardized roster. Him playing is WORSE than the U of M guys. At least they are athletes.

34 Arresti 60 0 6 13 .000 .317
After a respectable start to his tenure at Miami, it has all fallen apart. No confidence right now. Kill shots non existant. At times is in position to easily kill a point, but does not have the confidence/ability to make the shot successfully. He will have under 5 wins against this group. The effort is certainly there, the love of the game is there, he's decent in court positioning. Its just not there right now. Maybe the real Laca can give him some pointers. The fake Laca certainly isn't helping
40 Larru 56 14 13 14 .250 .732
Veteran back. Tournament tested. BUT is on record saying that if the $$ is right he will partake in any form of pro jai alai. He has no problem with the 2-3 man sham, IF it benefits real pros financially. He will smack around this roster with Erkiaga.

42 Toto 56 9 12 9 .161 .536
Alright front. Nothing spectacular but a true pro. Streaky and when on can surprise you with how strong he can go.

57 Kolt 53 3 7 9 .057 .358
This freakin' guy. Much, much respect. Amazing still playing and playing pretty #### well for his age. So much respect for the various eras he has played in. I wonder how he feels remembering how the Fort was in the glory years, and now when he looks up he is playing to an empty fronton.

59 Gallo 59 9 8 13 .153 .508
He and Flores was the best from the new Miami players.

60 Manuel 56 16 12 11 .286 .696
Word is Manuel will join the Magic City roster following the Fort Pierce season. Rumor has it, in addition to the U of Miami guys - we will also have Enrique, Manuel, Tico, Arriza, and Conrado at Magic City.


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