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a hn s ltill, hn er grimmur


Name: Freyja
Biological sex: female
Hair colour: brownish red with some blonde here and there
Eye colour: medium blue
Skin tone: a little on the tanner side
Wing appearance: huge gryffon wings that are black with purple on the undersides of them
Physical & Neuro-Diversity: Hallucinations, drugs and insomnia
Your player name: bunny

Detailed appearance: Freyja is quite smol to be honest, she stands at about 5'2, her hair is dreaded mostly except for some messy bangs, though she is small, she has quite the bit of muscle hidden under leather and sued clothes usually. She has a piercing above her lip and in her nose, she also has a tattoo spanning over most of her back of a cape lionness and an african wild dog, symbolizing her and her dead daughter.
Personality: Freyja is quite feisty, she doesn't usually back down from others and is very easily able to hide most of her emotions and take it out into anger instead. She doesn't usually show others her emotions
Skills: Very skilled in combat, weaponry and leading if need be
Ambitions: None yet
Age: 23
Ethnicity: Icelandic
Gender: female
Sexual & romantic orientation: slightly into polygamy, preference of males
Religion: She believes in Norse Gods
History: Freyja came from Iceland where she was a queen, formerly an Earl until the king had gotten to know her and then asked her to marry him, there she helped rule over their people. She was their leader when he went out on raids and when she went on raids with them, she was a force to be reckoned with. But, when the Gods told them they would not have a son; everything started to fall apart. A war broke out between the two, dragging their people into it. It wasn't until the death of their daughter Gida that Freyja realized what had been done, but by then it was too late. Her and her King were at war with each other. Her King attempted to stop it by calling a truce. When it finally stopped, Freyja needed a journey on her own, landing her in a whole other world
Anything else you wish to include: She's much like a viking
How you found out about us: Blossom Forest and Astra Aurelia

Sample Post: Ragnar did not embrace me back, my heart sank when I felt his hand drop to his side, like he had just fought a battle in his head of what he should do and ultimately nothing seemed better. When I pulled away to look up at the man, he spoke back to my original questions. Talking about how he did not know how long it has been and that we were never apposed to wake as for the shamans spell and that he had to put us into our dormant slumber. I nodded in agreement. But then, he spoke of our people dying and then of Gida, our Gida, he choked up and my eyes went sad with a soft sad smile forming upon my features. I reached up to brush my hand against his cheek, rubbing my thumb along from the corner of his lips to where my hand rest upon his cheek. Still unable to believe that we were awakened again. For I did not think we would ever wake.

I felt heavy regret knowing that the pertained knowledge I was fed from the Earl under me was all lies, all of it. Ragnar had tried so hard to make me see the truth and I would not believe him. I would not let up, I sent warrior after warrior to fight with Ragnar and those under him. I was angry. I was being fed lies. I was hurt by the Gods, not by Ragnar, no Ragnar had not done anything wrong. I even led warriors to fight with my Ragnar and those under him. But I should have stopped, I should not have let the flames take hold and fuel my rage, for if that did not happen, maybe Gida would still be alive. Maybe all of our people would still be alive. And most definitely, my Ragnar would not have had to put us in a dormancy for who knows how long. And maybe we would have made peace and been together still, even lived happy, more fulfilling lives, with Gida, and had more children.

"Kri Ragnar mn, a er ekki itt a kenna. g kenni r ekki um. g var svo .... svo reiur guunum a segja okkur a vi eigum ekki son. v a g var meiddur, elskan mn. g sakna n ekki fyrir a htta strinu, g akka r. g er bara leiinlegt a vi urftum a missa Gida fyrir anna hvort a sj hva urfti a gera""My dear Ragnar, it is not your fault. I do not blame you. I was so.... so angry with the Gods for telling us we would not have a son. For I was hurt, my sweet. I do not blame you for ending the war, I thank you. I am just sad we had to lose Gida for either of us to see what needed to be done"

Our eyes met one another, my Ragnar's beautiful blue eyes meeting my own lake blue ones. My hand still rest on his cheek, for I did not want to not touch my King in fear of this all being a dream, for it still could be. It still could be a dream, if Ragnar were to disappear again, I do not know what I would do. For seeing Ragnar in this scary, weird place has made me feel safe. For he is my safe home. My handsome, sweet, sweet husband, my king, what have we done? I must apologize again. I must tell him that I am sorry for the war, I should have believed him. I do not know why I didn't. I do know why, because I was so full of rage. He spoke once more that he had not seen anyone else in the five days he had been awake, five days? Five days and I had just woken up?

"g hef ekki s neinn annan, g hef bara vaki aeins fyrir lngu san. En elskan mn, g ver a bijast afskunar strinu sem g hjlpai til a valda v a g var svo full af reii guunum a g tk a t ig og a var ekki rtt. Vi ttum a hafa unni okkur, a vera gur konungur og drottning. En ert enn konungur minn, sama hva hefur gerst, g mun fylgja r ar sem vilt vera ef a er a sem Gu spyr um mig. Og g mun standa hj r, Ragnar, v a vi getum teki ennan sta aftur.""I have not seen anyone else, I have only just woken only a bit ago. But, my sweet, I must apologize for the war I helped cause, for I was so full of rage at the Gods that I took it out on you and it was not right. We should have worked on us, on being a good king and queen. But you are still my king, no matter what has happened, I will follow you where you want to be if that is what the Gods ask of me. And I will stand by your side, Ragnar, for we can take this place back."

My hand fell from his cheek now to rest upon his burly chest. His eyes sprung to life, excited and his hands rubbed over my arms as they fell to rest on my weapons. Talking of how we could take this place back and make it right. I had a thought of being able to make it right, do it right this time. A big smile stretched over my features as I watched my Ragnar flail his arms here and there, going on about the land in our language, not even noticing the people staring at us now. They probably thought he was crazy. He was, but he was a good kind of crazy; when he was not protecting his people or family. I certainly do agree with my Ragnar

"g s hva meinar, Ragnar minn, v a endurnju lnd okkar eru ruvsi en egar vi frum svefnleysi. Vi getum gert a me tmanum, vi munum lra um au, finna leiir eirra. Samb me essum mnnum og verkfall egar vi erum sterkari, j? g sver til guanna, til ins, til Gda, vi munum gera a rtt nna.""I see what you mean, my Ragnar, for our rejuvenated lands are different than when we went dormant. We can do it with time, we shall learn about them, find their ways. Cohabitate with these humans and strike when we are stronger, yes? I swear to the Gods, to Odin, to Gida we will do it right this time."

why can't we fucking get along? forget everything we did wrong
New to this world :: outwardly 23 :: not in love
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