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Re(7): Best wishes

Well, yes. I didn't quite 'get' The Fall. They seemed to have a big following among middle class student types. More working class, 'blue collar' blokes, I've noticed, generally seem to like black music, soul, reggae (esp Studio 1 dub), or Stone Roses or Oasis. I found it funny that Mark E Smith, upon discovering Mumford and Sons, his first response was to hurl beer bottles at them. John Cooper Clarke laughed like a wheezy hyena everytime he recounted this. I DO like melody yeah. I don't like artsy shit. I used to like the Carpenters. Not out of any irony. I just thought they were fucking great, across the board. Still do. I'm not interested in art statements. I like three-minute pop. I try to do it. It's just a bit scruffy sometimes. But Mark E Smith, yes. John said I should meet him. But I don't really want to 'meet' anyone, or travel. I want to do recording and write songs and then get paid. So far, that seems to be what happens. Showbiz can go shit as far as I'm concerned.Why ruin a winning formula? I'm nothing, if not a rude charmless bastard. I have to work at it a bit more nowadays. though.

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See you again soon
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