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2 Feb '20
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you can feel the traces of the chalk lines on my heart [m, tw]

Warning: language, violence, references to assault


For the DB:
Name: Revana
Biological sex: F
Hair colour: true Silver with a streak of black (can go in DB as silver, using item from bank)
Eye colour: light blue
Skin tone: olive/type iii
Wing appearance: flying fish
Familiar: Female Sea Krait, Sky-reflecting skin, named Shakti
Physical & Neuro-Diversity: Dissociative Identity Disorder
Powers: Time Manipulation, Possession (cats) – if I need to be more specific, can be “domestic cats”
Traits: Fangs
Your player name: Dema

Using from my bank:
  • 1x unnatural hair (leaving me with 1)
  • Possession (animal)
  • Time Manipulation
  • Female Moose, Sky-Reflecting Coat (I definitely only have one of those lmao, not sure why it says 2)
  • Familiar Formatter
  • Fangs

    Sample post:

    He promised he’d come back for you.

    You remember that, even when you are not Revana. The Viper remembers him, and his promise, and that he broke it. They remember why they were born.

    I can remember everything but that, for I came after, and I am both part of you and apart. I am the common thread, coiled from your wrist to Viper’s. The only one who knows what both know.

    Viper needed you, but you need Viper more. Before the serpent there were only memories, starting with the memory of being dragged away into the darkness, hoping against hope that your brother would return. That he would bring help. Then there were the memories that came after – the bruises, the sleepless nights, the blood on the sheets, the months of being kept like a pet before finally being sold off to Esther May when your crying stopped and the luster of your innocence had dulled …but the first memory will always be the worst, because you believed, you believed that he would save you. And he didn’t.

    There is no loyalty in the world. The only law is transaction. Your soul was traded away for coin, so you traded your identity for strength. For Viper.

    Viper took care of you, before I could take care of you. They have ice in their veins, and iron in their heart, and you barely had to remember a thing. You could remain comfortably numb, entombed in your own mind. A kind of spiritual hibernation. When you came to, there would be blood on your hands, but that was a small price to pay for safety. With blood they bought you power, and defenses, and a companion for the moments when your resolve shook and you wondered if you could endure it any longer. I uncoiled from your being, taking a sliver of your heart to safeguard, and you felt relief. Eventually, you learned not to question anymore. The lines between you blurred.

    You began to remember what happened. Sometimes, you even had control.

    But I do not know how much control you had the day you found them. You were you one moment, Revana of the vacant eyes, the sunken eyes, the eyes that had seen too much to keep seeing, when you saw him. The one who had betrayed you. He was impossible to miss – your mirror image, a vision of what you could have been if he had kept his promise, happy and whole. Unsplintered. What you could have been if you were the one who ran. It was only a glimpse, and I saw you go rigid as if you’d been caught in the path of a Gorgon’s gaze, and what light you had left was extinguished in that gust of pain. Your skin fell away, and Viper emerged, their dominance irrevocable from that point on. They bared their teeth, and hissed.

    For many weeks, they stalked your old enemy, and watched, and waited for the right opportunity to strike. You did not know, because you did not want to know. You did not want to see, or feel, or be. I was afraid for you, but Viper was furious, determined to inflict upon him the pain that you endured, to shatter him as you had been shattered, to make him remember what he had clearly forgotten. When chaos struck Shaman and the opportunity was ripe, they did not hesitate. They were creative in their brutality. They took their time, and when it was done they baptized your shared body in the blood of their vengeance. It dripped from fingers, from lips, from eyelashes.

    Somehow, you emerged long enough to spare the child.

    That must have been you, for Viper has no shred of sympathy, no drive except destruction. You stayed their hand, and they emerged from the scene drenched red and clutching a baby to their chest, their eyes as hard as stone. And against their better judgment, they hid the offspring of your enemy away, her fate uncertain, her usefulness to be determined later. To Viper she had only immediate value – a contract for a sack of gold.

    But now I wonder – was it pity, or cunning? Your thoughts are inscrutable to me, buried so deep beneath Viper’s crystalline drives. Is there anything left of you?

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