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Name: Aurora. Mother named her this as she was born under the northern lights and is always drawn to them.
Biological sex: Female
Hair colour: Ginger
Eye colour: Blue with specks of brown.
Skin tone: Pale white with freckles.
Wing appearance: Emerald and leafy green.
Physical & Neuro-Diversity: Anxiety and burns up left arm.
Your player name: Avery.
How you found out about us: Facebook.
Detailed appearance:
Aurora has long flowing red hair that is normally down. When she is anxious she braids stands of hair with leaves and feathers, and so often will have a singular braid running through a mess of curls. She has bright sea blue eyes set in a pale, freckly heart-shaped face with strong set cheekbones. She is around 5ft6 and slim, despite this she is strong. She has white branch like burn scars than run up her entire left arm from her time on Earth. She is very self-conscious about these and is still terrified of fire.
Personality: Aurora is very independent, and is not confident around people, often suffering from anxiety when around people she is not comfortable with. Due to this, she spends most of her time alone, exploring nature and being around animals. She is at home in the forest and the sea, and has a great knowledge of herbs and how to heal and care for others. She is very spiritual and followed and learned about the Irish fairy goddesses while on Earth. She loves researching, reading and learning. She is just as at home in a library as she is in nature. Despite her quiet anxious nature, she can hold her own in a fight and should not be underestimated.
Skills: Organised, healing/natural remedies, researching, fighting, singing, spiritual
Ambitions: To become a scribe.
Age: 21
Sexual & romantic orientation: Bisexual
Born on Earth while her mother was travelling through the Scottish islands under the lights of the northern lights. Unfortunately, her mother died while giving birth to Aurora and so she was taken to Ireland by her mother's best friend Ariel, and raised in a cottage by the sea. Ariel raised her to take care of herself and taught her all she knows, and the value of knowledge and nature. She never knew her father and was told he was from another world but was forced to leave Earth to return to this world before she was born. She has come to Shaman as she believes her father may originally come from this world.

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