Re(6): Allison question

Well.. lack of knowledge is always expensive

Anyhow.. I would like to answer some of the questions raised here.
Patches - the basic structure of the engine is by far not at the end. The power to weight ratio of the engine is, in my opinion, still "right up there".
The Green Monster Team is still using original blocks, original heads, original cranks and even original rods in some engines. The tractor that's currently terrorizing the Hemis is using nothing, other people coudn't use or get their hands on.
That light twin is a different story - but that's still getting it's bugs worked out.

I am not going to take anything away from Wayne - without him (and Mike Holden, Richard Rockefeller, Gary & Brian Diekmann and Bollingers) the Green Tractors wouldn't be anywhere near to where they are now - but in the end he (and all other Allison Pullers in the past) doesn't have the "infrastructure" around him, like the Claas Team has.

The team is located in the middle of a "high tech manufacturing" hot spot. There are guys on the team who design and build tools and machines for Boeing, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Airbus, Eurocopter,...
They have access to technology most people can only dream about. Supercomputers for FE calculations, 3-D printing, 5 axis CNC, ...
They are getting billet rods done under the "keeping my apprentices busy, so they don't have to trash what they build" theme...
Then the competition here helps them where they can. Like the Boer family & Benny Vreeman - the same guys that stand behind a lot of the the success of the Lambada and Bobcat mini rods in the current US season.
All in all it's a joint effort of many people and some VERY EAGER guys, who dedicated their lifes for the Allison tractors and spend ALL their spare time in that little workshop.
And they are also very quick ad not afraid to adopt (and push) new technology. LIke using Mitas tires, EFI, titanium, 3D printed parts, carbon fibre,...


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