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Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge

Ever wonder where Andy Partridge learned to write songs? Look no further than the obscure 1969 Turtles single 'Lady-O'. Listen to the verse and tell me that's not 100% Andy.

"Bollocks" you say? "Far-fetched"? Well consider this: the author of 'Lady-O' was Judee Sill, very likely the greatest singer/songwriter/armed robber/prostitute/junkie ever. Her first single was produced by Graham Nash and covered by the (post-Nash) Hollies. She toured the USA with Crosby and Nash, and the UK with Roy Harper. Andy encountered her music at age 19 and has idolized her ever since. He raves about her in this BBC radio documentary - www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6cEreyGpYI

Judee's life story would make a terrific movie except nobody would believe it was true. Like Janis Joplin on steroids. You have to admire any musician who says her influences are Bach, Pythagoras and Ray Charles.

And something for the suddenly numerous Sparks fans at the pub:
This Alston fellow decided to subject Sparks to the Rutles treatment (the Sparkles?) In other words, he created an album of original songs in the style of Sparks. Succeeded brilliantly by the way. Uncanny Russell imitation.


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