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that one little moment set this whole thing in motion [1/2]

Name: Volta
Biological sex: Female
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Amber
Skin tone: Type IV
Wing appearance: Brown Pelican
Physical & Neuro-Diversity: None.
Your player name: Wolf
Detailed appearance: Volta has scares all over her body from years of training and battles. She will either have her hair in a ponytail or down. She’s thin and but well-muscled. I’ll add more in depth details later to her character profile.
Personality: Volta doesn’t think for herself, she has to have someone to tell her what to do since that is all she’s ever known. Orders have always come from somewhere and she’s never gone without. She doesn’t understand sarcasm and is very literal. She has to have a plan of action and doesn’t divert from plans easily unless she calculates it to be beneficial. She calculates everything and uses extreme precision with everything she does. She does not express emotions outwardly and struggles to process them internally. She’s a highly trained warrior and uses her body or things around her as weapons. On her world, she was considered quite social and popular to the other soldiers, but on Shaman she’ll seem almost robotic and blunt.
Skills: Piloting, martial arts, precision.
Ambitions: In her home world, her ambitions were whatever her factional government told her to do, she didn’t think for herself. Within Shaman, this will have to be explored.
Age: 18
Ethnicity: Mixed race, she was government engineered.
Gender: Female
Sexual & romantic orientation: Asexual
Religion: There is mild religion amongst her faction, although she does not believe in anything.
History: Volta’s home world is called planet Aech, it is a small and desolate place in constant state of war between two factions for what little fertile land there is left. With each economic system on the verge of claps there is little food and sickness spreads easily amongst their cities. Death is prevalent and usually from battle, disease, or starvation which equates to significantly shortened of lifespans, especially when it comes to solders or lower classes within the factions. Although there is a familial aspect to some of the factions, it is usually associated with only the rich. Volta herself was born from a breeding program to create super soldiers within her faction. She was bred to have emotional responses stunted as an attempt to breed more efficient warriors who make better decisions for the whole rather than the few. She has been in government holding since birth and forced to train, she was released to their air infantry when she was 15 years old. At first they had her drop out of planes behind enemy lines, it didn't take long for her to move up to flight crew, pilot and captain of her ship. The airboat she was piloting carrying troupes to and from the valleys of battle was attacked by enemy combatants whom she called The Fright. The airboat ultimately crashed, it is assumed on her home planet that all aboard the airboat died on impact or while escaping the flaming carnage in its plummet.
Sample post: in next post
Anything else you wish to include: Use 1 x Oridanry Familiar from my bank for a male Fossa named Flux, use Light Manipulation from bank.


that one little moment set this whole thing in motion

Clouds by Tom Barrett | Girl by Arvin Febry


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