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Reserved Names
Expiry Date
Ethan, Jade, Lukas, Rowen, Tadhg, Winifred
4 Mar '20
Kiya, Santos, Sennefer, Tempest
2 Feb '20
Amunet, Croe, Crow, Morgon, Sybel, Wren
4 Feb '20
Goblin, Isobel, Nineve, Noelle, Pipsqueak, Pyre
2 Feb '20
Cleopatra, Felle, Jura, Kharga, Oliver, Simon
2 Feb '20
Adalia, Hemlock, Jared, Odelle, Sherlock, Sirius
19 Aug '19
Artemis, Iseult, Lamorak, Ned, Spectre, Verity
2 Feb '20
Andraste, Brecken, Kaspara, Stiles, Stolas
2 Feb '20

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  • Please note that there is no surname culture on Shaman. You are perfectly welcome to join with a surname, but you will need to use it in the name box whenever you post as your character. :)
  • You can also adopt existing characters from the adoptions board.
Welcome to the panic room.

Name: Key
Parents:Sebastion & Anya
Biological sex: Female
Age: 7
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skin Tone: Olive
Wing appearance: Butterfly wings made of aquamarine gemstones.
Physical & Neuro-Diversity: OCD, claustrophobia, Stockholm's syndrome.
Player Name: Renny

Sample Post:

Your eyes can hardly focus on your shaking, tiny hands that are now barely able to hold onto the glass of water. You make a move to set the glass down upon the floor, watching with dismay as some splashes out, droplets hitting the floor with quiet plops.

One. Two. Three.

You snap the stretchy rubber of the bracelet around your wrist three times, each time a little harder than before.

One. Two. Three.

You take three deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling for the same amount of time as the one before.

Slowly, you stand to your feet and cautiously make your way into the kitchen to grab the towel resting upon the top of the stove. Eyes glance around you just to be sure, but they are not home. They have not been back in a few days and you find that you almost miss their presence being here because nothing seems to be more lonely than a completely empty house. They left out a few things of food for you, bags of chips, cookies, some peanut butter and bread. You are old enough to begin to do things for yourself, they said as they barely spared you another glance. You had simply nodded, looking up at them with green eyes that held no life in them. Everytime you pass by a mirror and see the face that stares back, something flashes within your mind. You see the kind and gentle face, feel the warmth of the soft hand that caresses your little cheek, drink in the light that pours out from those beautiful green eyes that are the color of your own. The visions fade as quickly as they come, though, leaving you practically begging for them to return so that you can feel something again.

You shake your head, dark black curls a tangle of waves that cascade down your back. Your hair has gotten so long now and it get's harder to manage, but they won't take you out of this place and you don't dare to ask them for something as trivial as a haircut. There is something buried deep within their gaze, a darkness hidden within the light blue eyes. They have never hurt you, but you can almost feel the darkness that radiates from them at times, a darkness that feels like they -want- to hurt you.

One. Two. Three.

The deep breaths come again, an attempt to still the slight shaking that has come over your little hands again. They have always taken care of you. They would never actually cause you harm, right? They are all you know, all you have ever known. They are all you have.

You make your way back to your room and little feet take you directly to the water droplets on the floor. You kneel down, setting the towel over the spill. Patting it down three times, you lift it up to see the tiny hints of water still left. Placing the towel back down, you run it over the floor three times before pulling it back up to find the spill gone. Thank goodness. How could you have been so stupid to spill the water? You are not to make a mess in this place, not to cause unneccessary chaos.

One. Two. Three.

The rubber band around your wrist is pulled again, snapping against your skin in punishment. You can see the small red welt forming underneath it and you gently press down on it, holding it there for three seconds before you release it and settle back down upon the floor beside the cup of water.

One. Two.

Your breaths are cut short by the sounds of the front door unlocking and slamming open. The footsteps thud across the floor, heavy and unreleanting. They are home now. A slight smile creeps over your lips as you hear them heading towards your room. They will come to be sure you are still here, that you haven't managed to wander away. But why would you? You have no where else to go and you have no one else. They should know the one thing you never want to be is alone.


photo by nitish meena on unsplash

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