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B & G Classified Ads
Saturday, July 21: Quality Inn and Suites Riverfront and Best Western Captain's Quarters $10,000 to Win Mr. Novelis Supermodified and $1,500 to win Mr. Pathfinder Bank SBS plus Novelis 'Fan Can Chase' #3 Novelis Supermodified (75), Pathfinder Bank SBS (35) GA: $20 - Res: $25 - Pits: $35 - VIP: $75 Pits Open: 3:00pm - Grandstands and Practice: 4:30pm - Group Time Trials: 6:15pm - Heat Racing: 6:45pm
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Posted this on the track's Facebook page but maybe it will get more views here -

Any word on these cars listed on the roster, but not yet seen? –

04 Camden Proud – rumored to be out soon prepping for a Classic debut.
07 Connors Racing – Second car? That may run Classic with another driver?
08 Syrell Racing – Second car? That may run Classic with another driver?
09 Bob Bogwicz – Always rumors of his return but nothing so far.
3 Doug Didero – Likely to debut this Saturday?
5 Tim Devendorf ?
14 Joey Payne – close to his debut this season?
37 Jeff Locke – not sure if he will run without the wing or not?
47 Bobby Bond – can’t imagine him NOT running Mr. Supermodified or Classic
51 Nicotra Racing – Is this a 4th Nicotra car? Or currently being run as the 2, 6, or 7? Moriarity?
69 Brian Osetek – Team car to the 55, will it run this season?
72 Danzer Racing - Second car? That may run Classic with another driver?
73 Jerry Curran – thought they would have been out by now?

If the above rides all materialize (not likely I know), then added to the 26 cars already on track, that would be close to 40 cars for Classic again. Not to mention any ISMA teams like Muldoon and McVetta, etc…


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