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Re(2): Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-Moth

Nice photo. I think the broad-bordered bee hawk moth is a European/Asian area species, although it does appear very similar to the three species of Clearwing Moths that can be found in our area. Your photo looks like the Hummingbird Clearwing Moth. We had one in our yard a few days ago. (if you want me to add another photo to your post, please email me...there were only partial links in your other posts which is why no photos appeared)

Here are some Clearwing Moth references:

Hemaris diffinis (Snowberry Clearwing):

excerpt from - "while in diffinis the ventrum of the abdomen has significant black and the legs are black... in addition, there is a black stripe running across the thorax from the eyes to the abdomen" (J. Tuttle, pers. corr., September 2001)."

excerpt from - "However, diffinis can always be distinguished from gracilis and thysbe by two diagnostic characteristics: 1) the black band that crosses the eye and travels down the lateral side of the thorax; 2) diffinis always has black legs."

Hemaris gracilis (Slender Clearwing):

excerpt from - "The underside of the abdomen is completely yellow in thysbe, whereas gracilis has two longitudinal red-brown bands."

excerpt from - "However, gracilis can always be distinguished from thysbe and diffinis by two characteristics: 1) the distinct brown or reddish-brown banding on the lateral side of the thorax, under the wing juncture; 2) gracilis always has red or reddish colored dorsal surface of the legs."

Hemaris thysbe (Hummingbird Clearwing)

excerpt from - "However, thysbe can always be distinguished from gracilis and diffinis by two characteristics: 1) the lack of any banding on the lateral side of the thorax; 2) thysbe always has yellowish or pale colored legs."


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